VinylPlus® is the European PVC industry’s Commitment to sustainable development, working to improve the sustainability performance of PVC cables and the myriad of other PVC applications. VinylPlus unites PVC resin and additive producers, converters and recyclers, and covers the EU27 plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

The roadmap for 2030

In 2021, VinylPlus 2030 was launched. Building on +20 years of progress and achievements, the renewed Commitment is built around three Pathways:

The three pathways are further broken down into twelve action areas that outline concrete steps to be taken by the European PVC industry for the sustainable development of PVC. VinylPlus 2030 aligns with the most relevant EU policies, such as the Circular Economy Action Plan and the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability under the European Green Deal. Read more about the Commitment.

A value chain committed to sustainable development

By taking a value chain approach, VinylPlus has achieved significant progress during the last +20 years. The achievements cover PVC through its entire life-cycle – from production over use to end-of-life.


Reduction of emissions and energy use

The commitment has led to a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases and other substances within the PVC industry. This includes a decrease in energy consumption and an increase in the use of renewable energy sources.


Substituting unwanted substances

The European PVC industry has successfully substituted lead-based stabilisers ahead of regulation and invested more than €6 billion for the transition from SVHC low molecular weight phthalates to innovative non-SVHC phthalates and other plasticisers. VinylPlus has also developed the Additive Sustainability Footprint® methodology with third parties to assess the sustainability of additives used in PVC products.


One of the key achievements of VinylPlus has been the significant increase in the recycling of PVC. Since 2000 almost 1.6 million tonnes of PVC cables have been recycled, saving almost 3.2 million tonnes of CO2. VinylPlus is also investing in recycling technologies.

Sustainable development

VinylPlus has worked towards aligning the PVC industry with key sustainability goals, including the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Focus is on areas like responsible consumption and production, climate action, and partnership for the goals.

Transparency and certification

VinylPlus has implemented a transparent monitoring system to track the progress of its commitments. VinylPlus has also supported the development of sustainability certification schemes like the VinylPlus® Product Label and VinylPlus® Supplier Certificates, which help consumers identify the most sustainable PVC products.

Partnerships and collaboration

VinylPlus has fostered collaboration between various stakeholders, including industry members, regulators, civil society, and NGOs. This has helped in creating a shared vision and coordinated efforts towards sustainability.

Promoting innovation

VinylPlus has encouraged innovation within the PVC industry, supporting research and development projects that focus on sustainability and the circular economy.

Global outreach

While primarily focused on Europe, VinylPlus has also engaged with international organisations and has extended its influence to promote sustainability in the PVC industry globally.

Education and awareness

Through various initiatives, VinylPlus has worked to raise awareness about sustainability within the PVC industry and has provided education and training to various stakeholders.

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